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Betsafe - 20 free spin + $10 free

Betsafe - 20 free spins + $10 free for poker.

The new Betsafe has been launched with a new design and a lot of exciting new features. Betsafe acquired by gaming company Betsson who shared first place as the best online casino in Eu with Betsafe which has made Betsson now owns the two best gaming companies in Europe. Betsson has retained the merry design "touch" which is pretty smart as it is a winning formula, but there has still been a lot of changes that make the new Betsafe to a modern casino. We think that the new Betsafe is clearly more exciting, more attractive and easier to navigate. If you have not experienced the new casino yet do it now.

Free kasino offer - 20 free spins free without any strange requirement! The new owners who also have added Fast Poker also offers you $10 for free without any strange claim to try their new solid poker site.

What is fast poker? 
Though poker is regular poker, the only difference is that if you fold, you do not sit and wait for those other players will be ready. Instead of playing against only those players sitting at the table so you spelrar the n entire pool of players. So as soon as a hand is over or as soon as you press the fold to get new opponents at the table and can play immediately. Do not like one hand you had just put the moves you directly to a new table with new players and new cards.

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